Private Music School in Vilnius



Music school “MariArs” in numbers
5 years of teaching music in Vilnius
The youngest student is 3 years old, the most mature is 72 years old
More than 30 awards and diplomas won by music school students at the International and National music competitions and festivals
Students came from 4 continents, 25 countries
More than 100 years of total pedagogical experience of teachers
Training in 5 languages
More than 50 public concerts, which were attended by students at the music school “MariArs”, in Lithuania and Latvia

The private music school “MariArs” in Vilnius invites pupils from 4 to 18 years old to take classes in piano, violin, flute, accordion, percussion instruments (snare drum, xylophone), vocals. There is also an opportunity to study fine arts by attending lessons in drawing, painting, composition. The school hosts group classes in solfeggio and music theory, music history, history of world culture, body percussion (body rhythm), acquaintance with music for kids (from 4 to 6 years old). The number of students in a group is no more than six. Groups are selected according to the principle of age selection, according to the language of communication and according to the level of knowledge of the students. One of the features of the school's work is that the entire teaching staff, consisting of outstanding musicians and professionals in their fields, works in close cooperation, choosing the best learning plan for each student. This helps to maximize the potential of the musical abilities of each student at the music school. Children not only learn to play musical instruments, sing, and paint, but also get acquainted with world musical history and culture.

The academic year at the MariArs Music School starts on September 1st and ends on June 15th next year. In the summer, master courses and special (additional) training programs are held.

Music school “MariArs” in Vilnius provides:
  • Individual program for each student
  • Education with teachers-specialists of the highest qualification
  • Interesting and effective training programs
  • Music education along with the study of world culture in general
  • Master classes by guest teachers from Lithuania and other countries
  • Comprehensive structure of training programs
  • Ability to choose the tuition language (Lithuanian, English, Russian or Polish)
  • Location of the music school in the center of Vilnius, at the intersection of Senamiestis and Naujamiestis districts
  • Love for music for lifetime